A large proportion of the people living in Singapore are Muslims. In Muslim people, marriage takes place according to Islamic customs, and the divorce of a couple is also done according to this. On the other hand, divorce is a decision that they do not consider very acceptable.

However, many times in life people have to think about divorce when they choose the wrong partner. This is why a special kind of lawyer is needed for this divorce.

In such a situation this is best to hire a Muslim divorce lawyer in Singapore. A Muslim divorce procedure in Singapore is usually completed by following eight steps. We will focus on that in today's discussion.

Step 1: Registration

The first step is to make a registration for divorce which can only be done in Muslim courts. Additionally, while accepting this registration, this court tries to put an end to the situation of divorce between two persons. Generally, an expert Syariah Lawyer Singapore is advised to hire to do this kind of work.

Step 2: Counselling

 The second step in this process is counseling, where both parties are asked to attend by the court to convince them not to divorce. In this case, also it is advisable to consult an expert lawyer and complete the entire procedure in his presence.

Step 3: Originating Summon

After counseling, if it is found that both parties are ready for divorce then the summoning process starts. It is then sent to both parties and the original procedures required for divorce are entered into.

Step 4: Mediation

At this stage, both parties have to come together in the Muslim court with their Syariah Lawyer Singapore. During this period, the court wants to know what kind of charges each of them is facing and what kind of demands are there. Finally, an attempt is made to propose an intermediate demand suitable to both parties.

Step 5: Pre-trial Conference

This step is very important because here the affidavit evidence is taken in detail and presented to make the reasons behind the divorce. The advocates of both parties adopted their client's side and presented various arguments here. Moreover, such pre-trial conferences may be held more than once during a divorce proceeding.

Step 6: Hearing

A hearing is an important step in any divorce proceeding. On the other hand, if a woman demands a divorce from her husband, the grounds on which she is doing so are judged at this stage. Although, this step takes quite some time to complete.

Step 7: Hakam Session

 The Muslim Divorce procedure does not end with a hearing alone, there is an important session called Hakam Session. Here two Hakams are appointed and in their presence, after thorough deliberation, the opinion for divorce is given by the court.

Step 8: Further Hearing

 Finally, when all of these steps have been properly completed, both parties are informed of the success of the divorce hearing. Although it is good to say that this procedure is quite time-consuming and it takes many days to complete the entire divorce procedure.


 We would never advise you to decide on a divorce. Of course, it is better to avoid such decisions as much as possible. But still, if you have to deal with such a difficult situation then you must take the help of an expert Muslim divorce lawyer in Singapore. Needless to say, the number of such lawyers in Singapore is not small. Choose such an expert and professional with a little thought so that you can get rid of this problem very quickly.