The greatest first step when deciding that you must pursue a divorce is to get an SG divorce lawyer. However, choosing a lawyer is more difficult than most people realize since you want to engage with a lawyer that handles you and your case with effectiveness and respect. Given that you will be working closely with your attorney for many months and disclosing extremely private information, there must be a high degree of trust between you two as well as comfort in your day-to-day working relationship.

This might be the reason why there are more women practicing family law than in other areas of the law. Given that most divorces still include a man and a woman, there is a natural need for female attorneys in this field because many women prefer to deal with a lawyer of their gender.

We advise against having gender be the main factor in a person's decision to hire a divorce attorney. However, we comprehend the reasons why someone could use it as a criterion, and the choice is accessible for individuals who find working alongside someone of a similar gender to be advantageous.

Marriage, civil unions, adoption, child custody, guardianship, and other related issues are all covered under family law. For a variety of reasons—many of which we have heard clients and friends mention—women may feel better at ease working with a female attorney on these problems.

Four main factors influence women's decision to use female divorce attorneys

They are prepared to discuss their connection with a person of the same gender in deeper detail

According to popular belief, women naturally listen well and value their client's opinions. An attorney who patiently waits for the client to complete speaking while actively listening is more likely to be receptive and discover crucial facts that might strengthen the client's case.

Furthermore, a competent listener helps customers feel better about their circumstances

Helping clients deal with any worry or panic they may be feeling is part of any adviser's job, especially when it comes to the contentious portions of a divorce case and needing to deal with child custody and support concerns. Having a wise but understanding divorce lawyer for women is beneficial.

Women could find additional points of agreement

Only 5% of divorce cases get to trial. Negotiations are used to resolve most disputes. You need someone who can effectively communicate with your spouse's lawyer and discover points of agreement. You also need someone who can be a strong champion for your interests.

Women present a feminine viewpoint

A woman working with a female divorce attorney might provide viewpoints that would boost the potential of finding common ground, raising the likelihood of achieving a settlement that both parties can agree upon if a marriage is ending because the two persons involved did not communicate properly.

Benefits of having a female divorce lawyer overall

Gender should not be a factor when selecting a doctor, attorney, or any other type of professional in an ideal world. But we are a long way from living in an ideal society where gender equality is the rule.

While the nation is still dedicated to permanently ending gender disparity, many customers have observed that the gender of their divorce counsel affected the outcome of their case.

The following advantages of working with a female divorce lawyer have been noted by clients

They can offer psychological and moral support

When you choose a female attorney, you have a friend who will offer moral and emotional support as you through the difficult times of divorce in addition to a professional who will fight for your interests.

They understand gender bias

A female lawyer has probably run against gender bias quite a few times in her career. She is conscious of any potential bias against women inside the judicial system. Therefore, if you're a woman, it could be advantageous to have a female attorney defend your interests both inside and outside of court.

They have more sensitivity and comprehension

 Because it includes two people who no longer want to live together, family law is a particularly delicate topic. Compared to their male counterparts, female attorneys are inherently more sympathetic and empathetic.

They pay attention well

But that doesn't mean that male attorneys don't make good listeners. A male attorney is more likely to go right to work and do their normal tasks. On the other side, a female attorney would be more receptive to hearing her client's grievances and personal information to obtain the entire picture. This knowledge could prove to be essential for getting a better result.

They are aware of women

Often we hear that only women can understand women. Any attorney-client relationship must include communication and understanding. For instance, a female lawyer will take all necessary steps to give the abused lady legal protection if she was a victim of domestic violence while they were married.

They have firsthand knowledge

Many female lawyers are married, have gone through a divorce, or are the children of divorcing couples. They can comprehend their client's anxieties and concerns while terminating a marriage because of their own experiences. Addressing all of their anxieties and concerns, this in turn enables them to obtain a more positive conclusion for their client.

How to choose the best divorce attorney in Singapore?

 Finding the ideal female divorce attorney for your situation is crucial. When choosing a divorce lawyer in Singapore, keep the following in mind:

  • Start by looking for the top divorce attorney in Singapore
  • Verify the attorney's expertise in family law
  • Check the lawyer's website to see whether they specialize in issues like yours in family law
  • Ask them about their prior cases and experience by getting in touch with them
  • Check to see if they have a plan for your situation
  • Inquire about their legal expenses
  • Make an appointment to discuss your situation there

What do women expect of a divorce attorney?

Most women's first worry when starting a divorce is finding the best legal representation for themselves and their families. What do women think divorce lawyers are doing correctly and wrong, in their opinion? What do female clients of divorce lawyers want?

The majority of women who responded to the study indicated they would refer their divorce attorney. The remaining respondents indicated that they would not refer their lawyer to a friend, while another quarter said they were unsure.

If attorneys do not develop a solid rapport with their clients, they may miss out on referral chances. Many respondents admitted that their divorce attorney did not know them well enough to effectively represent them. The majority, however, offered positive feedback. Nearly a quarter of them felt that their lawyer knew them very well, and one-third felt that their lawyer knew them well enough to effectively defend them.

When choosing a divorce attorney, poll respondents took into account various essential variables. Of all the considerations, the experience came out on top. The women agreed that any marital lawyer under consideration should have a good deal of expertise dealing with divorce cases involving circumstances like their own. Nearly a quarter of poll participants ranked having skilled bargaining skills as their top goal for resolving the divorce as fast and with as little collateral harm as feasible.

20% of respondents cited the importance of listening skills. These participants asked that the divorce lawyer be readily available and responsive to requests for meetings as well as phone calls, emails, and other correspondence. To establish a friendly atmosphere, create trust, and instill self-assurance, reliability, and understanding, you must listen to your customers.